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Delaware's Mayor Cupcake Runs for US Senate

I'm sorry, I'm not sure how anyone can look at Alex Pires' photo in today's paper and not see Ben...

Alex Pires, Dewey Beach's Ben Franklin Impersonator, Produces Mayor Cupcake, Runs for Senate

Two days ago, I stumbled upon "Mayor Cupcake" already in progress on Showtime.  Decent family fare for two kids on a hot summer day. Who doesn't love a movie about cupcakes?  Then I noticed to subtle references to Delaware - Bridgeville, scrapple, pumpkin chunkun', and the "lower slower..."

Imagine my surprise when I googled Mary C. Pires, the inspiration for Mayor Cupcake, herself - Mother of Alex Pires.  Al Pires is the preeminent Delaware resort bar phenom, spur in the side of Citizens to Preserve Dewey, and today, the lead story in today's News Journal as he's on the political attack to unseat Sen. Tom Carper.   Sen. Cupcake, anyone?

Since, Pires has a history of banning patrons of differing opinions from his establishments...I best not say too much more, but if you're interested in a silly little movie with an upbeat message - check out Mayor Cupcake - conspicuously missing from the NJ bio - it makes for a fun family flick...Might I suggest making cupcakes first?

Mayor Cupcake

Do cupcakes and politics mix? They do in “Mayor Cupcake,” the feature-length film in which a small-town baker brings her homespun smarts to the mayor’s office in Bridgeville and revitalizes the town.

Shot in Dewey Beach, Bridgeville and Georgetown, the movie stars Lea Thompson, of “Back to the Future” fame, as Mary Maroni, a.k.a. Mayor Cupcake. Thompson’s daughters are played by her real-life teenage daughters, Zoey and Madelyn Deutch, and her husband is played by Judd Nelson, star of many films, including the ’80s classic “The Breakfast Club.” -Much More Here


Anonymous said...

cute movie....and good for family viewing

Diana Davila said...

just watched it was great!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the movie and really enjoyed it. Loved the ironic nod to Judd Nelson's role in the 'Breakfast Club' when his 'daughter' sang "Don't You Forget About Me" from the movie's soundtrack. I love it when things like that happen.

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