Friday, May 5, 2017

The Sound of Silence

One of the questions The Echo seeks to answer is:  what is the sound of silence?  We urge our audience to bow your heads in a moment of silence for Delaware State Police Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Confused? Don't Be. It's Time to Pivot!

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I am far from ready to fade into oblivion.  But, it is time to pivot and refocus blogging on certain causes for which I am more passionate as well as to have you read my writing knowing it's coming from a parent advocate and not a former board member.

This pivot is way overdue.  While I should have closed out Children & Educators First when I retired my school board service, I wasn't quite ready to let go.  I was a ToyRUs kid, not quite ready to grow up. My journey in the ensuing years has been vast and brutal, and amazing and creative.  And much of it, I have been unable to blog because my family's life blood was connected to the education industry that needs to be so deeply critiqued and improved.  I have now for years held my tongue when stories that needed to be told were buried under the rug.  And there are some stories that must remain close to heart for another while yet.  However, there are others that affect my special needs children and their community that need a voice and action, hence The Echo can be heard at
I invite you to join me there: